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Head's Blog - 15/01/16

Head's Blog - 15/01/16

Welcome to another edition of the ‘Head’s Blog’. Within just the second week of the new year we have had some very exciting developments for the school.

Year 10 have experienced their first formal CiDA ICT examinations. The exam forms 25% of the final ICT qualification and Mr Underwood, Head of ICT, could not speak more highly of our students’ attitude and conduct. Congratulations to Year 10 for demonstrating such a mature approach to their futures. Fingers crossed for some excellent results!

It was a privilege to welcome back Jason King who organises our Year 9 Artefacts Day. Again I must congratulate all of our Year 9 students for outstanding participation in this event. Please look out for our news article to learn more about it.

Many thanks to all parents and carers who attended the Year 9 Pathways Evening on Tuesday. The event was very positive with students asking some very useful questions about the suitability of the GCSE courses on offer. Our advice is to always choose the subjects you enjoy and will work hard in, as successful GCSEs inevitably influence your future career prospects.

We are delighted to launch a new school app. You can now stay up to date with MHS on your smartphone or tablet! Just search for “e4education” and download the “School News” app, then enter our postcode—CW10 9BU—to find us. You can see our news stories, calendar, galleries and contact details. You will also be notified of new developments through the notification feature of the app.

In addition to our new app we also have a new drone (technological, not a teacher!) for the school. The drone will be able to capture some of the amazing events that happen around the school, for example overhead footage of Sports Day. Please look out for some videos of future events coming soon.

Keith Simpson