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A Rewarding End to the Half-Term

Student Leadership Blog 3rd November 2017

On the last day of the half term, those who participated in the Stars Programme were invited for an afternoon tea with Mr Simpson. There was excellent food and credit is due to the food tech department for making and preparing it all. It was a nice way to round off a successful half term with 15 minutes of relaxation and reward. Thanks is also due to the Stars Programme participants themselves for giving up their own time to further themselves and add to their education.

The last day was also our rewards day. A selection of our students, those who earned the highest amount of credits, were rewarded for their good behaviour. This rewards day meant that all of the chosen students could come to school in non-uniform, and year 7,8,9 and 10 students had the opportunity to go to the drama studio to watch a film. The chosen film was "Wonder Woman", which was enjoyed by all the students (who got a chance to relax after their persistent hard work).

This week the year 11s have been running through a set of trial exams in preparation for their GCSEs. Although it has been nerve wracking for many people, it provides valuable insight into the workload of each course as well as giving experience in both questions and pressure so that when those final few weeks begin, we feel prepared and (somewhat) relaxed. The results will be given to each student in a special assembly within the next couple of weeks, which can be more stressful than the actual exams for some people!