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The End of the Year!

Student Leadership Blog 15th December 2017

As we draw close to the end of the winter term, it's safe to say everyone is feeling a bit worn out... but our year 11s along with a small group of 10s and 9s are excited to embark on their Austrian Ski tour on the 29th December! During the trip, the students will ski, visit Salzburg, party over New Year and enjoy a pizza night together over the week and it's fair to say that everyone is looking forward to it. It's a particularly small sized group this year and we have already noticed how well everyone seems to be getting along, let's hope these last 4 days hurry up so that the trip will come around sooner!

On Tuesday 5th December, the school held its winter concert, full of engaging and beautiful performances, with young singers and instrumentalists (as well as many members of staff) coming together to provide an excellent show! Performance sizes ranged from soloists to a complete orchestra, each and every person contributing to the 2 hour long music session which was experienced by an audience that filled the drama studio.

After coming back into the new school year and working hard for the past 4 months, 50 students from each year (250 in total) have been given the opportunity to go on the reward trip. This trip, as always during this time of year is to the Manchester Trafford Centre for the day on Tuesday 19th December. During this trip years 7 and 8 will have the choice of going bowling or to the cinema to watch "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", while years 9, 10 and 11 will be able to go around shopping in groups. This trip is always enjoyed by students and staff alike, and it's always considered a great way to end a school term full of opportunities and hard work.


As the last Blog entry of 2017, I think that it is nice to have a look back at what has happened during the last 365 ¼ days. Thinking of all the success and proud moments we have, as a school, experienced. How can 2018 be any better? Have a great Christmas and New Year!