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Student Leadership Blog 12th January 2018

As we returned to school, the PE department along with 34 students returned from their fantastic trip to Austria that took place over New Year. The skiers stayed in a beautiful town named Kuchl and skied daily in Alpendorf, St Johann with their fantastic instructors. Each student’s ability to ski improved greatly; those who were already good skiers have become great skiers, and the beginners are now good skiers.
It was lovely to see everyone getting along so well, sitting down at night to play Uno and involving everyone that wanted to play. The trip was the best experience we have ever had, and we would like to thank all the teachers, particularly Mr Denham for organising all of this, because it was honestly the best trip we’ve all been on.


The first couple of weeks back are filled with exams for the Year 8s, 10s and 11s. Whether taking the Certificate in Digital Application exams in KS4 or starting the exam process in Year 8, we are all getting straight back to work. This has been the first school week of the new year, it may have been a shock to come back faced with a flurry of exams, but perseverance and determination can go a long way.


On 11th January the current Year 11s had the opportunity to attend an End of Year 11 and Revision Information evening, which introduced lots of new information and tips to both students and parents. The prom points system was introduced by Mr Wiseman, emotional health support was offered by Miss Holmes and a helpful plethora of revision techniques were suggested by Miss Holt. Everyone also received a motivational speech from Mike Finney MBE, who once again gave insightful and constructive advice to the students for their upcoming exams. The evening's valuable information helped to encourage the Year 11 students to strive towards their best grades possible using the most effective revision methods, then the reminder that with good behaviour they can be rewarded with the last school celebration with the Prom. Thank you to all of the staff who made the evening possible, and continue to help and inspire the students for their exams and future.



On Wednesday, the school will hold a Careers Fair, where students will be given the opportunity to meet and speak to a vast amount of employers, advisors and educational bodies, such as the Royal Navy and various Cheshire colleges. In conjunction with this, there will be various activities held during the day, including bricklaying and a cyber-security workshop, which when combined with the stalls held in the sports hall, will contribute greatly to the decisions that we make when creating our future path in life.