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Non-Stop Events

Non-stop Events

After the hectic start to the school year, all is back to normal here at Middlewich High School.

Non-stop Events

After the hectic start to the school year, all is back to normal here at Middlewich High School. However, many events have taken place recently to say otherwise. On Friday the 21st of September, we had our first iValue day of the year. This was a delightful day that gave all 5 year groups something intriguing to do. The Year 7s focused on relationships and values, working with companies like Resilience Donut and Catch 22 to get the insight they needed. Year 8 completed the traditional enterprise day, creating many different business plans and colourful products along the way. Year 9 had a talk with Cheshire Youth Commission and the police about personal safety. They heard about social media and e-safety as well as learning the effects and consequences of antisocial behaviour. Year 10 heard from groups such as My Listening Ear and Diversity Role Models as part of their Character and Resilience day. And the Year 11s had a day based on careers and planning their individual futures, hearing from colleges such as Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College, Cheshire College South & West, and Warrington Vale Royal College. All year groups also had a chance to visit the annual careers fair held in the sports hall.

Our last whole school assembly was also very captivating for our students. This assembly was centred on our school’s marvellous music department, with the Music For Life’s guitar tutor Dave Speakman come in to speak about the joys, opportunities, and benefits music can give you. Dave also performed two short pieces to the school, one on his guitar and another on a drum kit. He spoke with enthusiasm about his personal experience with music, and how it has led him to becoming a performer, gigging around the whole North West of England. Miss Donovan, the head of the school’s music department, spoke about the clubs, concerts and music lessons which are provided by the company Music for Life. She also introduced the music leaders, and had the senior music leaders speak to the school about their roles, duties, and personal experiences with music. It was extremely rewarding to see the amount of students who were inspired by this assembly, with many taking a Music for Life leaflet home to sign up for lessons!

On Thursday, we hosted our annual open evening. It was thrilling to see the inspired faces of the Year 5 and 6 students as they toured our school. With some great information from Mr Simpson, Mr Edwards and Mr Wiseman at the beginning of the event, we also had ex-pupil Noah Curran and Year 8 student Lois Ball give some amazing words to the parents and children, providing a clear insight into academic life here at Middlewich High School. After the initial presentation, it was down to the staff and students to show the visitors that Middlewich was the perfect school for their child. And so the rest of the evening was left to unfold.  With fascinating displays from science and engaging practical tasks in art, we can say that every pupil and teacher did the school proud. One of our favourite parts of the evening was the English department’s rendition of beer pong into an English revision technique... and of course, Ms Hanson’s legendary chorizo.

Lastly, here are the upcoming events. These include the year 11 Supporting Success evening, where the teachers will help take away some of the pressure GCSEs pile upon us, Middlewich High School’s open mornings, where a range of parents will come in to see just what our school is like on a regular day, and we also have the year 11 trip to the Lowry to see Macbeth. This will offer great help with their English literature and reinforce the content on the topic.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to keeping you notified on the latest happenings at Middlewich High School.

-Brontë & Harry