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Middlewich High School

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Year 7's First Residential

30th November 2018

On the 17th of November, our World Challenge team did a bag pack event at Morrison’s in Middlewich to raise funds for their upcoming trip to Costa Rica. The team arrived at 10am to start bag-packing for customers and were there helping with their shopping for 6 hours. Members stood at the end of tills and bag-packed for customers, whilst informing them on World Challenge’s cause and stood by the end of the self-service isle and enlightened customers about their forthcoming trip-of-a-lifetime. The team took turns to take well-deserved breaks and everyone worked extremely well together as a group. After the 6 hour bag pack they raised a total of £673.32 for their trip to Costa Rica; well done to our World Challenge team!


Last week our year 7s went on their first high school residential! Along with their form tutors, the youngest year group in the school travelled to the Conway Centre to complete many thrilling and entertaining activities, from high wires to raft-building. During their stay, the year 7s enjoyed sipping hot chocolates, sharing stories around a campfire and having a disco hosted by DJ Wilson! Students got to buy souvenirs at the end of their trip to help remember their delightful time at Conway and headed home with many tales to share with others.

During Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we held interviews for the new head teacher. Monday held the student panel, that we are proud to say we were a part of too. We interviewed the candidates and our feedback was passed on to the governors who made the final decision. This was a good experience for both us and the candidates as it gave us some skills in the field of interviewing and gave the candidates a first hand experience of some Middlewich High students.

On Monday, the year 11s will receive their mock exam results. They completed these exams a few weeks ago and have had to wait to receive their results to simulate the real GCSE results ceremony. This has been a very stressful time for them and we will be glad to finally see our results on the piece of paper.

Thank you and have a good weekend.


-Harry & Brontë