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Busy, Busy, Busy!

8th February 2019

On the 31st of January, Middlewich students experienced another organised I value day, with each year group participating and learning many new skills. Year 7 got the chance to hear encouraging and inspiring words about resilience in school and life and had the opportunity to cook with Love Food Hate Waste. Year 8 had organisations come in to educate them about potential career paths they can consider taking, whether it be an academic or practical route they learnt a lot about how they can shape their futures. Students were very grateful for this as year 8 will be choosing their GCSE options soon. Year 9 learnt multiple life skills such as organisation and planning, Year 10 received information on relationships and emotional help and Year 11 had the opportunity to learn about higher education at numerous colleges and universities.

Throughout the last month, the school has looked into a new learning app to supply to students in aid of their studies and education. The app, Seneca Learning, has lessons catered for GCSE courses of many different exam boards, from AQA to Eduqas. The English, Science, and Business departments have all seen the benefit Seneca Learning provides for students and have encouraged students to utilise the app, especially Year 11 as it will be good revision for their upcoming mock and real GCSE exams.

On the 7th of February, several students were selected from each year to participate in the UKMT Maths Challenge. The challenge tests children’s mathematical skills by giving them 1 hour to answer 25 difficult questions without a calculator. A lot of thought is required to simply answer one question! Certificates are rewarded to the top scoring students in the country, with the top 30% receiving a bronze certificate, top 20% receiving a silver, and top 10% receiving gold. Well done to those who participated in the challenge.

Thank you for reading and we wish you a wonderful week.

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