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Middlewich High School

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A New Chapter

It has been an exciting first 2 weeks back at Middlewich, both for the new year 7s as well as year 11s as we return for our final year and resume work towards our GCSEs. Moving into this term is a reminder of the countless experiences we have had during our time here, in addition to our growth and development; despite feeling like it was just a few days ago that we first entered high school - brimming with excitement and joy as we first stepped into the school yards and classrooms.

For our newest members of Middlewich High School, it has been a super busy first 2 weeks. As our biggest intake year, we have seen a lot of the year 7s wandering around school, looking for their classrooms. However, it has been delightful to see our older students helping the new comers find the correct room and giving them general advice; it really shows what a tight community we are as a school! The netball try-outs were held this Thursday lead by Mrs Denham, Mrs Lamb and the year 11 girls’ sports prefects and it was great to see such a large turnout. There are a lot of talented athletes in this year group with lots of potential to become great netballers – keep up the good work year 7 and a warm welcome to Middlewich High!

Over the summer holidays the school was given a breath of fresh air. Most rooms have been redecorated and repainted. The addition of a new furniture gives the sense of turning a new page and looking positively to the year ahead. Reflecting on this, I can say that the coming year will be eventful and I look forward to seeing what I can do to maintain this new image of positivity. The new aesthetic feel of the school heralds the changes we have already seen within two weeks. I believe that the new changes will benefit us all here at Middlewich High School.

Another exciting event that occurred for the year 11s this week was when the GCSE geographers had their interesting and fun trip to Salford Quays, where they gathered results for their coursework on urban regeneration. During this day the students were able to explore different areas of the city, such as Media City which is home to buildings such as the BBC and ITV studios. They also gathered data on pedestrians, traffic and the environment from six different locations, which range from the relaxing docks to the city centre. Everyone on the trip thoroughly enjoyed the informative day and the different experiences it involved, such as one of the students getting interviewed by BBC Breakfast!

Have a great weekend, we look forward to keeping you updated with all the exciting things happening over the next two weeks.