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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all

Able Students

Our Most Able Students

At Middlewich High school all students are expected to aim high and set themselves aspirational targets. Our most able students are set targets of at least 4 levels of progress; the target of a student joining us with a KS2 level 5 would therefore be a GCSE grade A or A*.

Able students study a curriculum which is designed to support their rapid progress in a range of qualifications. Students study GCSEs in English language and Literature, Maths GCSE and Statistics GCSE. Their Science provision is based on successful certification in separate Biology, Physics and Chemistry GCSEs and is supported by regular visits to sixth form colleges during the Pathway M time.

Strong links exist with primary schools, further and higher education. Our partners are Sir John Deane’s College, South Cheshire College, Mid Cheshire College and Reaseheath College. University of Chester and Manchester Metropolitan University provide invaluable information throughout the year about the enhanced opportunities associated with higher education.

Working with our primary Partners ‘Aspire club’ and Level 6 Aspire in Literacy and Numeracy club

Our Year 5 and 6 students visit us at MHS each week to experience the enjoyment and challenge of Aspire Club. Students are taught a range of subjects which focus on the core skills required to achieve high level 5 and 6 KS 2 achievement.

Curriculum Departments

During the curriculum, Pathway M and extra-curricular time students have many opportunities to extend their learning.

 ICT offer able Year 11 students the chance to complete the new GCSE in Computing in one year during Pathway M. Programming club is organised as an extra-curricular activity with Raspberry pi and members of BBC club  who contribute to the website, video activities and studio visits.

Modern Foreign Languages encourage students to be Language Leaders in up to 3 languages and to study Mandarin.  Students develop their leadership skills through planning and coordinating whole-school events such as European Day of Languages; running the national Spelling Bee club at lunch-time; hosting French breakfasts and other cultural events; and planning and teaching lessons across our primary school cluster group using a wide range of resources including PowerPoint presentations, games and quizzes. 

Able sports students engage in the Language Leaders qualification and work closely with professional clubs.

In Music, students study Music theory during Pathway M and aim to certificate with grade 5 and beyond. All musicians can showcase their talents in fortnightly assemblies.

Art students are supported by studying an additional photography course which provides further access to the GCSE A* criteria. It also trains them to be expert photographers and their work is used extensively across school.

Able mathematicians are encouraged to study beyond GCSE; students currently study further Maths and are involved in the Government’s pilot certification in Level 3 Maths at Sir John Deane’s College.