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Middlewich High School

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Creative Design


We aim to deliver an inspiring curriculum that develops creative, practical and independent learners. Our curriculum provides Middlewich high school pupils with the opportunities to use their imaginations, to push the boundaries of design and take risks.

Pupils will learn and develop a range of skills delivered through the subjects of Product Design, Textiles and Food technology.

Product Design & Textiles

Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. As students progress throughout the key stages they will make informed judgements through exposure to a range of material, develop a critical approach to products that they analyse and understand that aesthetics as well as function are essential for the design process.  Pupils will see that the products they research, design and make, lead to a better quality of life.


Our curriculum provides the opportunities to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems whilst taking into consideration their own and others' wants and needs. Due to the integral relationship between specialisms within the National curriculum, common planning techniques are used during the foundation years between Textiles and Product design. All projects within the foundation years follow the KS3 National Curriculum.


During the delivery of the GCSE course, students design and make projects that are linked to their own interests, industrial practice and the community.  Projects may involve enterprise activity, where students identify an opportunity, design to meet a need, manufacture a product and evaluate the process.  Students use ICT to help with their work, including computer aided design and manufacture (CADCAM) software, control programmes and ICT based sources for research.  Pupils are encouraged to consider how Technology affects society and their own lives, and learn that new technologies have both advantages and disadvantages.

Learning maps – At MHS we use learning maps to support retrieval and reinforcement of knowledge. We use these in class and as homework, you may find it useful to see what is coming up through the year for your child in their year group. We are continuing to develop these and update them through the year so you may notice some subjects have uploaded the first term, future work will be added at the appropriate time.