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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All

Embedding Formative Assessment

Teaching staff at Middlewich High School have begun an exciting two-year project which is being run as part of a project funded and coordinated by the schools, students and teachers network (SSAT). The project involves Mr Taylor working with groups of colleagues to trial and evaluate different strategies to measure the learning of our students throughout lessons. This has shown extremely promising improvements in student learning in many other projects and we are delighted to have been chosen to participate in the project.

At Middlewich High School we are passionate about ensuring all of our students make excellent progress and are made aware by their teachers of how to improve their performance. The project improves the way in which feedback from teachers can help students to improve their work and how pupils can become resources for their own learning and the learning of their peers.

Heading this project in 60 schools across the country is the Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at University College London, Dylan Wiliam. We are certain the project will improve student engagement and motivation within lessons and further improve the excellent strategies our staff have in place to track the progress of every student within their class. We hope to update you on the various successes we feel this project will bring for the teachers involved and most importantly for our students.



Teaching and Learning – Karate Demonstration

On Monday 24th April teachers at Middlewich High School were once again inspired by the talent of our students. Molly Blears and Abi Waring displayed a Karate demonstration for staff as an example of how learning, in its various forms, can be constructed.

Since the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Training (TEEP) has been introduced to the school, teachers are accustomed to discussing the ways in which learning can be modelled by the teacher, constructed by students, and then applied to novel situations. Molly and Abi’s demonstrations of the karate kata provided an example of how this model is employed in traditional Japanese martial arts. Once they have learned these skills, the girls go further and apply the techniques within competitions.

The activity was completed as a starter for staff development training and a useful way for staff to analyst the TEEP model in an unusual but very impressive way!