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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All


All students in English develop an appreciation of a range of texts that have lasting quality. The curriculum should provide cultural capital alongside key reading and writing skills.  Students are encouraged to cultivate their imaginative and analytical skills through interleaved writing challenges, increasing their resilience and enjoyment as an evolving writer. A love of reading is encouraged through a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts to create a foundation for life-long learning and enjoyment. Over five years, students practice and develop their speaking skills through debate and presentation, preparing them for the future, developing confidence and broadening their understanding of the world they live in. Evidence based practice and educational research leads pedagogy and curriculum development through department training sessions, to ensure effective learning over time.

 The curriculum is designed to mirror the History curriculum where it can, to provide context and knowledge around texts and ideas studied.  Students are introduced to examinable skills as part of their GCSE and given frameworks and structures to enable their independence. Retrieval of knowledge and skills are a weekly practice to establish secure knowledge which students can then apply.

Learning maps – At MHS we use learning maps to support retrieval and reinforcement of knowledge. We use these in class and as homework, you may find it useful to see what is coming up through the year for your child, in their year group. We are continuing to develop these and update them through the year so you may notice some subjects have uploaded the first term, future work will be added at the appropriate time.