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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all


"Words form the thread on which we string our experiences." - Aldous Huxley

Our Staff

Ms E Grant (HoD)

Mrs C Parkins

Mrs V Chisholm 

Mrs W Peters 

Mrs S Hammond

Mrs L Kirby

Mr D Nolan



The English Department aims to achieve success with every student. The detailed planning of engaging and stimulating lessons ensures that learning is relevant and creates progress towards success in academic achievements as well as having holistic value.


We believe that students should learn to be successful readers who analyse and comment on writers’ choices and intentions confidently and effectively. We encourage all students to read widely and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. Students learn to write effectively and creatively for different purposes that bring success in both academic attainment and real-life writing opportunities, such as competitions.  

Through reading, writing and spoken language work, students are inspired to develop their empathy and respect for the views of others and to express their considered opinions.


In English at Key Stage 3, students aspire to build on their strengths from previous learning and become creative, independent thinkers. They read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and are encouraged to be enthusiastic, critical and responsive, demonstrating an understanding of how writers achieve their effects. Students are required to write for a variety of audiences and purposes and are taught to write accurately, creatively and clearly in a form and structure appropriate to the task. 


At Key Stage 4, students are entered for both AQA English Language and English Literature. Students study a range of non-fiction, prose, poetry, and drama. They are encouraged to think deeply and express their ideas well and in detail. Students embrace the challenge of a three year GCSE, enjoying the high expectations of the department and aspiring to do well.  In addition, a filmed formal presentation gives students an opportunity to work on a project that demonstrates their individuality and prepares them for the future.


The department offers a range of activities including: visits to the theatre; visits from writers, poets and illustrators; local and national competitions; a lunch-time book club and extra English revision sessions twice a week.