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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all

Food Technology

"To instil a love of cooking in pupils which will open a door to one of the great expressions of human creativity."


Cooking and healthy eating is an important life skill. Our curriculum is focused on preparing healthy dishes safely and hygienically. Students are given the opportunities to explore healthy eating and balanced diets and learn about the nutritional needs of different groups in society.

Throughput the foundation years pupils will cook a range of predominantly savoury dishes so that they are able to provide themselves and others with a healthy and varied diet. Pupils will develop skills in food preparation, cooking techniques, health and safety, and hygiene. We concentrate on teaching students practical cookery skills to help them understand the characteristics of ingredients and about their diet and nutritional needs. This helps students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to make and implement healthy food choices and to be comfortable and confident in a kitchen.


Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject using creativity and imagination. Through the medium of food pupils are encouraged to develop research and exploration skills to identify and solve design problems. They are encouraged to develop specifications to inform the design of functional and appealing products for a variety of situations.

The focus in Food Technology is very much practical with pupils using tools and equipment to prepare and cook healthy food, developing a crucial life skill for now and later life. Pupils are taught the importance of healthy eating, nutrition and the Eat Well plate, budgeting and hygiene and safety.


  • That all pupils develop the skills they need to prepare healthy, nutritious food for the future.
  • That pupils understand what is meant by a healthy balanced diet.
  • That pupils can work in a hygienic and organised manner, understanding and applying hygiene and safety rules as appropriate.
  • That pupils can understand the source, seasonality and characteristics of a wide range of ingredients.
  • That pupils are competent in a range of cooking techniques.
  • That pupils can apply knowledge of ingredients to adapt recipes.


Pupils study Food for 2 hours per fortnight. Pupils are taught both theory and practical aspects of food. Pupils will develop a wide range of practical skills which will be built upon as the key stage progresses.

Pupils will be taught how to work in a tidy and organised manner applying hygiene and safety rules.

Pupils will often work from a design brief where they will carry out research, evaluate existing products, trial ideas, create designs and evaluate their work.

From September 2014 it is compulsory that pupils study Cooking and Nutrition, cooking predominantly savoury dishes.



Pupils can opt for WJEC Catering as part of the main option block where they will study the Catering industry, food production, food commodities, hygiene and safety, nutrition and menu planning.


In Option M pupils can also opt for a Hospitality course where they will develop practical skills and learn and carry out a wide range of Hospitality events

Health and Social Care

Health and Social care is suitable for pupils who have an interest in and ultimately want to work with people. This course gives an opportunity to gain knowledge & develop the skills required by anybody who is intending to pursue a career working with children or adults for example as a personal trainer, a nurse or even a teacher.