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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all


"Shaping the future by exploring the past." 

Our Staff

Mrs C Beechener BA (HoD)

Miss N Beard BA

Mrs K Park BA


We are a forward-thinking, innovative department that seeks to challenge pupils by providing a creative, dynamic and relevant programme of study at KS3 and KS4.


  • To help develop pupils’ identity through the understanding of history.
  • To encourage pupils to ask and answer questions about the present by studying the past.
  • To develop pupils’ chronological understanding.
  • To encourage pupils to become confident, independent and questioning learners.
  • To help pupils appreciate the dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people in the past.


At Key Stage 3, pupils are encouraged to develop their chronological understanding and skills of enquiry by studying key aspects of British history over time. This includes looking at the changing balance of power between the ruler and the ruled. Pupils also explore the relationships between countries in the United Kingdom. They investigate the beliefs and attitudes of different people who have lived in Britain and how these people lived and developed to create the Society we have today. Pupils also investigate Britain’s relationships with other countries, and conflicts we have been involved in including the two World Wars.


At Key Stage 4, pupils follow the AQA Syllabus B Modern World History. The focus is on Twentieth Century World History and aims to both build on work pupils have done at KS3 and introduce them to issues and events that have shaped the modern world. Pupils will sit two external examinations and complete two coursework assignments on topics including; USA 1919-29, Germany 1919-45, Britain in the First and Second World Wars, International relations 1945-1970, and the Vietnam War.

Our GCSE History course helps to prepare pupils for the future, equipping them with skills and knowledge that will increase their employability and foster a lifelong love of learning. As a result, History is a very popular GCSE option in the school.


The History Department prides itself on providing an exciting range of extra-curricular opportunities for pupils during their time at Middlewich High School. Pupils are involved in preparation for the Middlewich community festivals (Roman, Norman, World War One and Two as appropriate). In Year 9, pupils participate in a First World War artefacts handling session led by an expert collector. There are also residential trips for Years 8 and 9 pupils to the Normandy D-Day landing beaches and for Years 10 and 11 pupils to the battlefields of Ypres and the Somme.