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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all

Marking & Feedback

Check out the attachment at the bottom of the page for more examples of marking & feedback at Middlewich High School.

Good Practice in iTime

As usual staff at Middlewich High School have been working hard to give great feedback and develop opportunities for students to improve their work and progress.


Mr McAdam has been challenging and stretching students to explain and develop their answers by marking their work with further questions which they then have to respond to during iTime.




Maths have been creating stretch and challenge through iTime by giving students GCSE questions to see if they can apply the skills they have learned in their classwork and homework to a real question. 

These two examples are taken from Miss Watt and Miss Taylor’s KS3 students.

Following some work on Pythagoras Theorem, Miss Watt has added an iTime question which requires this KS4 student to apply their skills.



English are teaching students to give each other more accurate and meaningful self and peer assessment by guiding them in the specific outcome-led advice they could give each other.


Following some department work on the ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ idea, Miss Walker’s class have been drafting and re-drafting their work in order to show progress and improvements. This example shows a young man progressing from a 5c to a 5a in 2 weeks!

First Draft:  This includes some colour coding beneath the work to show how skills have been met.                                                                                     


Peer Assessment on first draft: The wording of this peer assessment has been guided by slides similar to the ones above.


2nd Draft:    Again the student has underlined aspects of their work, using a colour key, which meets the outcomes of the lesson. The work shows editing and a work in progress!                                                                



Self-Assessment on 2nd Draft

Final Draft:   The highlighting here relates to improvements made and the editing shows even further changes to vocabulary.



Teacher Assessment:

Miss Richards and Mrs Grant have been developing the use of code-marking to support students to be more responsible for their own feedback.


Students are given a positive code, e.g. +0.5, and an iTime code, e.g. iT2.  They then locate this code on their feedback sheet – write it in green pen and respond by re-visiting their work and making additions or alterations, whilst knowing from their positive code what they have done well.

This reduces the workload of staff but also has the added benefit that students can see the range of comments that have been available, as they can see the meanings of other codes assigned to the class.




Like English, History has been using iTime as a way of redrafting and improving short answers but also quite lengthy responses.

This is an example from a Year 9 student who achieved full marks after re-drafting, using her iTime advice.