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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All


"A challenging and exciting subject, often described as exercise for the brain."


In maths, our intention is to develop curious, confident mathematicians who are able to build connections, reason and enquire mathematically, applying their knowledge to multiple contexts, operating with fluency and with resilience to solve problems. We explicitly expose the interconnectedness of concepts across mathematical properties and operations to ensure all students achieve, feel successful and enjoy our subject. Students can pattern spot, conjecture, generalise, try to disprove, argue with themselves, monitor their own thinking and reflect.  Coherent sequencing and interleaving empowers students to develop an understanding and appreciation of mathematics, providing deep learning opportunities and reducing anxiety. There is a culture of high ambition and excellence for all, founded on the belief that every student can thrive and achieve within education and beyond.


Maths is a hierarchical subject therefore the curriculum is designed to deliver a coherent journey with a succinct delivery ensuring students are not burdened with cognitive overload and time is maximised to develop understanding through practice.  At KS3 all students work through the curriculum at the same pace, with high attaining students extended through depth rather than an acceleration of content. At KS4 all students continue their studies on an appropriate GCSE pathway determined by their prior attainment and knowledge gains of previous study.  Students who lack the pre requisite skills and understanding are supported to overcome barriers and succeed with content through appropriate in class intervention and wider programmes of support.

At each stage of the learning episode students are able to demonstrate a deep, conceptual understanding of the topic which will be built upon over time. Sequential long, medium and short term planning supports carefully structured teaching, atomised to provide both the necessary scaffold for all to achieve, and the necessary detail and rigour of all aspects of the mathematics to facilitate a knowledge rich curriculum deep in thought. The small steps are connected and concepts built, leading to generalisation of the mathematics, and the ability to apply knowledge in multiple contexts and solve problems. Intelligent question design is used to avoid mechanical repetition and promote thinking. Retrieval and retention of knowledge is promoted through the interleaving of content.

Formative assessment and feedback is used regularly to support planning to move learning forward. Retrieval of knowledge is part of everyday practice and is further more developed through regular low stakes quizzing. Evidence based practice and educational research underpin the curriculum development to ensure effective pedagogical approaches for achieving quality first teaching.


Middlewich High School promotes an environment in which students develop a comprehensive and enduring understanding of the concepts of mathematics through access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning.

The Mathematics Department’s vision is to create a stimulating climate for learning, to support everyone in our school community as they strive for excellence and to work in partnership with others to remove barriers to learning. We strive to empower all students through rich mathematical exploration, fostering a diverse and equitable environment and enthusiasm for mathematics that will promote their lifelong learning as confident, flexible, and resourceful thinkers in anticipation of a global future.

At Middlewich High School, pupils develop the ability to solve demanding problems, to think on their feet, to reason logically, to explain their thought processes using precise language and to apply technology appropriately.


  • To raise attainment of all pupils and standards across the school.
  • To collaborate with our community partners in enhancing local provision.
  • Develop teaching and learning to allow pupils to show their potential.
  • To extend opportunities for enrichment activities.
  • To support all pupils in raising their confidence in Maths.
  • To use our Specialist Status to raise the profile of Maths and standards across all subjects.


Pupils are set on entry to Year 7 on ability. Pupils are regularly assessed and their progress tracked. Class sizes are kept small. In Years 7 & 8 we have incorporated the CAME (Cognitive Ability in Mathematics Education) programme to help embed the PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) within lessons. Year 7 will be following a ‘Creative Curriculum’ in the last half of the Summer Term. This programme will enable group work activities, cross-curricular work and rich tasks to be delivered to pupils to enrich their learning.


At KS4 many students have the opportunity to complete a GCSE Statistics (Edexcel) qualification. Pupils also follow the Edexcel Linear course and all pupils are entered at the end of Y11. Results are consistently strong and the department are fully committed in helping every pupil leave Middlewich High School with the qualifications they need for future life and career aspirations.


Middlewich High School works with community partners and has been successful in both local and national competitions. We are very proud of the fact that we have reached the national finals of the Jaguar Cars competition, been awarded ‘Best in Marquee’ four times at the Cheshire Show and had success at the UKMT, Merseyside Challenge and 24 Game tournament.