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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All

Personalisation of Curriculum

At MHS we teach pupils with a Special Educational Need or Disabilities accordance with the Cheshire East Area Wide Offer. We, as a school, strive to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to access appropriate learning and life opportunities in an inclusive manner. Our mission statement ‘Achievement for All’ is reflected in the provision of ‘Quality First Teaching’ which is differentiated to meet the needs of all our learners. In-class approaches might include alternative forms of recording work, visual prompts, small group or individual teaching etc.

The school has a wide range of intervention programmes available to support students whose progress remains of concern, despite appropriate in-class support approaches being followed. Many interventions are subject specific or literacy/ numeracy based. Some of these interventions are  commercially available programmes, for example, Toe By Toe and Power of Two however, many of our intervention programmes are bespoke, personalised approaches based on best practice guidance, for example social skills and anger management.

A BTec in Foundation Learning is a qualification offered to those of our Year 10 and 11 pupils who require a less academic route. This enables them to focus on appropriate skills to prepare them for future study and life.

For those pupils with a significant or complex need, advice may be sought from external specialist agencies and in some cases these specialists might work in school with the student or provide programmes of work for school staff to complete with the student.

Where additional levels of support are required, a school specific support plan is created, which outlines the provision available to the student and will be available to parents. Parents and students will be fully involved in the planning of support. Regular meetings will be held to discuss the student’s  progress.

In addition, we have a resourced based provision for pupils with ASC and those with a Hearing Impairment. These two provisions are staffed by Specialist Teachers and Teaching Assistants. Students who access theses provisions are able to demonstrate capacity for learning within a differentiated mainstream environment and receive a high level of support to do so. This may include alternative forms of communication such as BSL or a personalised curriculum to allow for times of pre and post tutoring.