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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all

School Information

Welcome to Middlewich High School.  I hope our website will give you an insight into our school and enable you to make an informed choice for your child’s future education.  We expect high standards from our students and in return we provide high-quality teaching and opportunities to enrich their educational experience.

The Summer results have been inspirational yet again. There were many outstanding individual performances with students exceeding their challenge grades and making significant progress. Our motto of "Achievement for All" is at the heart of our curriculum and has been reflected in student outcomes and their  progression to life post-Middlewich High School.

I am proud that our students are leaving Middlewich High school with the life skills to prepare them exceptionally well for the next stage of their education. Students’ opportunities are greatly supported this year by some of the best GCSE results this school has ever experienced and I wish to recognise the efforts of students, parents and staff. We truly believe in our motto of “Achievement for All” and this is illustrated in how well our students are prepared for their futures, both academically and emotionally. Middlewich High School is the lead for Emotional Healthy Schools and our work with young people across the county has been recognised in Parliament. The health, emotional well-being and safety for students and staff  is critical in the success of our school community.

Middlewich High School intends that pupils, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, capability, physical impairment or religious belief, should:


•Develop a love of learning;

•Acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the will to use them;

•Develop qualities of mind, body, spirit, feeling and imagination;

•Appreciate human achievements in Arts, Music, Science, Technology and Literature;

•Prepare for adult life as responsible and considerate citizens;

•Develop a sense of self-respect and the capacity to live as independent, self-motivated adults living in modern Britain

We are very proud of our reputation as a caring and happy school with excellent relationships between staff and pupils, where everyone is valued. This is only a glimpse of what Middlewich is like.  We invite you to see the school at work during a normal day. Please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment.  It would be a pleasure to show you our school.

Keith Simpson BEd
Head Teacher