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Important Information on Uniform delivery for Summer 2018.

Please note to ensure delivery before the 5th September for uniform, orders have to placed, with Sports Wear International Ltd by Friday 3rd August,  5pm. Orders over £70.00 are free P&P to home.  If you would like free P&P for orders under £70.00, orders have to placed, by 13th July to receive delivery into school on the 19th July.  School will contact you to arrange pick up of uniform.

Our official school uniform is available from Sports Wear International either online, by post or by telephone 0845 519 00 99.  Please note, you can purchase ties and sports socks from the school reception at any time.

For postal orders please click and complete the printable order form below and send to Sportswear International Ltd, Fairoak lane, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, WA7 3DU.

Please note that SWI operate a free of charge delivery service into school every week during term time.  SWI must receive Orders by 5.00 pm on a Monday, for delivery into school the following Wednesday, for collection on Thursday.  This allows parents to avoid the delivery charge and makes it easy for students to collect their order from Reception.

Please click on the SWI button above to order uniform.

Uniform sets a high standard of appearance.  The wearing of appropriate dress for Physical Education and Games and for the practical subjects is clearly advantageous for student safety. Uniform can be purchased online, via the school website, Parent Zone – uniform.


  • Royal blue blazer with school badge.
  • Black school trousers, tailored in style and not jeans or skinny fit. Leggings are not allowed.
  • Girls may also wear a grey skirt.  The skirt is a particular style and can only be purchased through the school supplier.
  • A pale blue shirt with top button to collar in a standard style. 
  • The trousers and shirt should be standard school styles.
  • A house tie - tied correctly, ie badge and stripes showing.  This can be bought from the school. House colours – Bostock – Red, Ravenscroft – Green, Kinderton – Blue, Newton – Yellow and Stanthorne - Orange
  • Black tights or black/white socks.
  • Black sensible shoes (not boots, trainers, canvas or Converse shoes).  No dangerous high heels or canvas footwear will be allowed.  It should be noted that reasonably-robust school shoes are desirable for safety reasons.  (A booklet showing acceptable styles is available from the Student Services Office)
  • School jumper (optional).  This does NOT replace the blazer but can be worn underneath it.  No other jumpers or sweatshirts are permitted.
  • It is not appropriate to wear make-up or nail varnish at school.
  • Extremes of hairstyle or hair colour are inappropriate for school and will be deemed unacceptable.
  • Jewellery must be kept to the absolute minimum. Only a signet or other plain ring is permitted. Students may wear one simple stud earring in the lobe of each ear and one simple bracelet only. One charity bracelet may also be worn.
  • Nose studs, ear stretchers/tunnels or other body piercings are not permitted at school. Skin coloured ear tunnel plugs are acceptable for students with existing piercings. (Large holes pose a health and safety risk). No other plugs or tunnels are acceptable in school.



Girls must wear a white polo shirt with the school badge, a navy blue hooded sweatshirt with the school badge, and a navy blue skort or navy blue shorts, with the school badge. Girls will require trainers; we recommend astro trainers and Middlewich High School striped games socks. 

Girls in Year 9, 10 and 11 are permitted to wear plain navy sports leggings for PE lessons only; any girls representing the school must wear a skort.


Boys must wear a white polo shirt with the school badge for PE lessons and the official navy blue/white rugby shirt for Games lessons. In both cases boys must wear navy shorts with the school badge and Middlewich High School striped games socks. Boys will require football boots and trainers.  We recommend they have astro trainers. 

  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons and sporting events.



We are introducing a new system to monitor uniform and equipment which will allow us to simply and efficiently sanction those students who persistently come to school unprepared.

The system involves a series of cards which must be carried by all students at all times. Staff can request the card at any time and will record any uniform or equipment misdemeanour. There are three types of cards:

Green Card - Every student is given a new green card at the beginning of each term they will write their name on the back and the term clearly marked ie. Spring Term 1.

Every time the student is spotted with incorrect uniform, or arrives at a lesson without the correct equipment, the member of staff will sign the card.

When the card is full and has been signed 5 times the card is kept by the staff member who signed it last and a new Orange card is issued. A completed Green card will result in a 30 minute after school detention the following day.

Orange Card - This has only 3 chances of being signed – when full as above, this progresses to a Leadership Group Detention on Thursday night. A Red card is then issued.

Red Card - This has only has 2 spaces for signing. Once completed a 90 minute Senior Leadership Detention is issued. A new Red card will then be given out. Further completed cards will result in isolation.

Any student found without a card will automatically get a detention and will be issued with the next colour card.

Students that have a blank green card at the end of a term are rewarded with 50 credits towards the Reward Trip.