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Middlewich High School

Achievement for all

Year 10 Geography Field Trip

A fantastic day was had by all when the year 10 Geographers visited Edale Valley in the Peak District, to collect rivers data, last week. 

We had fantastic weather, looked extremely fetching in our wellies and collected some brilliant results that will help with our new GCSE!

Year 10 loved being out in the sunshine, and were more than happy to go for a dip in the river, all in the name of Geography of course! Ryan was more than happy take part, even though he had forgotten his wellies, Shannon at first refused to wear Miss Holt’s wellies (as it wasn’t cool!) However she soon changed her mind when she saw Abbie and Natasha enjoying splashing in the river, making the most of their shiny new footwear.

There was some slight controversy in the afternoon, ‘Dog Biscuit Gate!’ when a dog biscuit (that was being used to measure the speed of the river) went missing. Mrs Morgan accused Peter of eating it, however it was soon found in Mrs Morgan’s pocket! The wedding diet is well and truly over!  

The only disappointment on the day came when Ewan discovered that there weren’t any ‘deluxe toilets’ in the middle of nowhere, and the natural environment version was our only option. However a kindly landlady did take pity on a heavily pregnant Mrs Young, and most of year 10 agreed that walking whilst 8 months pregnant is not very glamorous, as she could barely fit though most of the styles!

We were guided by two excellent park rangers, Ted and Mark, however their understanding of timing was a little off, as everything was ‘just 10 minutes’ away. Callum greatly enjoyed being Ted’s Young Apprentice and Mark said that the Middlewich students were the most engaged and well behaved students he had seen this year!

A brilliant day, with perfect weather and brilliant students! We are all very much looking forward to our next day out….. I mean fieldwork trip, in September.


Mrs Young