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Business Studies

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Students following the Business Studies GCSE course will develop an appreciation of the contribution business makes to society. It also looks to develop their understanding of the costs we all must bear as a consequence of business activity. While studying pupils develop their knowledge of the legal, economic, and technological environment in which business operates.


The study of business aims to help students to understand the functions within business organisations, and the contributions each makes to the success of the organisation, as well as considering the impact of each activity on a range of stakeholders.

The course also aims to help students to become critical and well informed consumers. Furthermore, the course helps students to develop a wide range of thinking and enterprise skills, which will serve them well in higher education and in the workplace.


(GCSE Business Studies - OCR specification.)

Pupils in Year 10, during the section of the course known as ‘Business and People’, are introduced to the world of small businesses .They look at the skills required to make someone a successful business person and look  at how businesses are set up and the methods used to motivate, pay and train people. Pupils also examine the methods of communication used in business (pupils are examined at the end of Year 11 on these topics, on a paper worth 25% of the GCSE).

At the end of Year 10 and into Year 11 pupils start working on two separate strands of their GCSE:

  • Pupils will work on ‘Marketing and Enterprise’ as part of their controlled assessment (a project that is written up during school time). Making up 25% of their GCSE, pupils will complete a task based on an enterprise issue which they themselves will have to research, analyse and evaluate.
  • Pupils will work on the largest area of study entitled ‘Production, Finance and the External Business Environment’. During their studies pupils will learn about the methods used to produce goods, how businesses prepare and manage their financial accounts and how external influences such as the government and competition impact on business activity and decision making. Pupils are examined on a paper at the end of Year 11. The paper is based on a pre-released Case Study and is worth 50% of the GCSE.


Pupils are encouraged to engage with local businesses during their studies. Local businesses are often used to inform the teaching and to provide pupils with examples of how the theory actually looks in practice.

Pupils are often asked to consider business stories in the media, and are encouraged to seek out such stories in the media (be it in print, visual or online) to help illuminate their learning.


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